Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Portfolio Submission


  1. Very nice dude :D!! 2 things! 1: i would change is the 113b renderings... just make one bigger, your favorite and the make the others smaller. i dont really know which one to look at first. it just confuses me to have them all that large(prolly heard that a bajillion times though). 2: on your trees page i would take out the square that the top tree has.its kinda distracting. Other than that :) looking good sir!

  2. Have you considered reordering things? Owen apparently suggests not putting figures first unless you consider them your strongest point. Or something along those lines. I don't actually have Owen. I just had a lot of people tell me to not put my figures first at the peer review. DX

    Nitpicky design: You should move the text on your cover page down a bit. >__> It's too centered and top-heavy.

    BUT OMG I JUST NOTICED THE TABLE IN YOUR LAMP IMAGES. Your lamp is amazing, but even the table/dresser/whatever it's sitting on is really nice. THAT TEXTURE AHHHH. /jealous